Expansion Ideas for a Split-Level House

The concept of a split house is very traditional and typical for redesigning a single stored range residence. The first split house was seen in the early 19 century.

Lots of people are not acquainted with the idea of a split house. It can make your old single-story home look stylish and add a sophisticated look as well.

However, expanding a split-level house can be a tough job if you do not follow its original architectural style. Furthermore, it is quite difficult to modify the existing split home.

Let us understand how to expand a split-level home within a budget plan but in some innovative means.


How to expand a split-level house?

If you intend to extend a split-level house, there are several websites where you will get different ideas of splitting or expanding a home. Are you interested in home design? Look into discovering more ideas. If you are seeking something innovative yet easy, you can go through this article as well.


Traditional split-level house

It is a very formal method to divide your single-story house. In this design, one side of the house will be single stored, and the opposite will be two-story houses.

The connection of these two-story houses will be a single staircase. Primarily, the extended part is used for the master bedroom and can give a different appearance than one stored single range home.


Split lobby to get the advantages of a two-story home

By using this split foyer method, you will find two sets of stairways which will lead you to have a 2nd-floor residence with one single door.

Whenever you enter your house (the ground level) you will have a stairway that will lead you to the first level where you can establish your living room and kitchen. The other stairway will lead you to the 2nd floor where you can set your bedroom, kid's space, or office space. The interesting part is all can be done in one stored house structure.


Remodeling adding another room to get a two-story house

You can expand your existing split house. If your house is split using the classic design, you can add another level and offer it a complete 2nd-floor house look.

It can give you a complete design. If you want, you can rent out the second floor, dividing it from the first level simply by adding stairs outside which will be attached to the 2nd floor.


Add brand-new patio

Including a brand-new outdoor patio or altering the old patio area deck and embellishing with new amenities can give a vibrant look to your residence. Attempt to decorate it with environment-friendly so that you can feel fresh whenever you sit there.


Remove block-sized room

Most of the time, it can be seen that there are numerous box-sized spaces in the split degree house. You can eliminate the middle wall of two boxed-sized rooms and can make a single large master bedroom or walking closet. That's how you can obtain more space to provide your classical house a modern outlook.


Others variables

Normally, it is challenging to find the front door of a typical split house. You can include a decorative pathway to highlight the front door. In addition, it is often noticed that there is a tiny room between entranceways and staircases. It can be improved by making the space larger.


Add Garage or Open Cooking Space

You can add a new garage or open cooking area to redesign your home. The open kitchen will offer you additional room to do a BBQ party.

A new garage can provide you a room to do various kinds of Do It Yourself projects. However, it will include a one-of-a-kind modern-day look to your house.



If you are looking to find means to get a split house with a modern sophisticated look, you can take help from the offered ideas. Here, we attempted to discuss all the possible means you can make an expansion to your old home.

Nonetheless, if you do not find this article handy enough, you can take help from professionals. They can make your preferred plan happen. I hope this content was helpful enough for you. Thank you.